Malta must learn to live with this virus.

People are afraid.

Instead we must be sensible.

Many of us have had this virus.

Most of us will get it.

To protect Malta's future ...

We must learn to live with this virus.

We now know more about it

The CDC* has provided information on the fatality rate.

The fatality rate is similar to other common viruses.

This isn't the second wave

It's closer to the millionth. Viruses visit our island each year. Many are similar to this one.

On average 8 or 9 people die in Malta each day*

Be smart

If you're sick or suspect yourself to be sick, it's best to stay home.

... as we should do each year.


Restrictions cause pain, depression, isolation, mental health issues and suicide.

Science and common sense

The media are not medical professionals, nor are we.

100,000s of medical experts are now speaking out. Remarkably, they are being censored.

If you trust science, hear what they have to say.

Protect the vulnerable

Those who are vulnerable must have access to our best medical health services.

We can't avoid this virus, but we can make sure they have every chance of recovery.

... seems like common sense.

Isolation will never work

Like every seasonal virus, we will all get it.

We do not need to destroy lives to save them.

Malta is a small and social community. If we lose that, we will hurt for generations.

But what do people in Malta think?

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